High in Protein, Low in Carbs

The Most Important Facts About Protein Bread

Updated on 27. Dec. 2018
The most important facts about protein bread.
The most important facts about protein bread.

With barely any carbohydrates and a lot of protein, people have been able to find protein bread in their favorite bakeries. This bread is supposed to help the people who follow a low-carb diet. EAT SMARTER will introduce you to protein bread, reveal what is in it and what nutrition experts think of it.

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Why Does Protein Bread Exist?

Bread consists mainly of carbohydrates, which make you gain weight. At least this is what people on low-carb diets believe. Some examples are the "Atkins" diet or the Dr. Pape’s "Slim-in-sleep" diet. The idea behind it: if you don’t eat carbs, the body attacks the fat that is already there, which helps with weight loss. Protein bread was developed so that people do not have to refrain from eating bread completely,

What's In Protein Bread?

Protein bread has almost no carbohydrates. Protein bread only has somewhere between 4.5 to 7 percent carbs and is made up of mostly vegetable protein such as wheat, soy, linseed, or apple fiber. These proteins make up around 25 percent of the bread.

How Much Fat Is In Protein Bread?

The fat content in protein bread is significantly higher than your normal bread. At 10.3 percent, the fat content is approximately three to ten times higher than in normal bread. Why is the fat percentage so high? It allows the bread can retain its structure.

How Many Calories Does Protein Bread Have?

The fat content has an influence on the amount of calories. Although protein bread contains fewer carbohydrates, it has more calories. In 100 grams/3.5 oz of protein bread there are 248 calories, whereas normal multigrain bread only has 219.

Is Protein Bread Still Bread?

Protein bread available at grocery stores do not claim to be made out of one kind of grain, so they do not have to have at least 50% of that specific grain. However, many websites offer protein bread that can be very misleading. For example, the “rye protein bread” only consists of only 5.6 percent rye. 

What Do Nutrition Experts Think Of Protein Bread?

"Just eating this bread will not make anyone lose weight," says Angela Clausen from the Consumer Association NRW. There is evidence that a low-carbohydrate diet could help you lose weight, but the key to losing weight is still total calorie consumption per day. Angela Clausen believes the good thing about protein bread is that it is mostly made out of vegetable protein. The catch: bread requires many additives to make and as a result the bread depending on the ingredients possesses many allergens to some people.

The Conclusion About Protein Bread

Protein bread is stickier, generally more expensive and contains more calories and much more fat than normal bread.  If you want to renounce carbohydrates and would still like to eat bread, protein bread can be an alternative. However, whether cutting out carbs is a successful way to lose weight is doubted by many nutrition experts. Crucial for a healthy diet is still that you absorb fewer calories than you consume per day. It does not matter whether they come from carbohydrates, fat or proteins.

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