About Advertising

Terms and Conditions for Advertisements and Other Promotional Material in Journals


“Advertising Orders” includes the terms and conditions between the publishing company and the client concerning the publication of one or more advertisements or other advertising media for the purpose of distribution.

“Completion” refers to the agreement to print several ads.

“Advertisement” refers to any form of promotion placed on the site, homepage or recipe page.

The advertiser must get prior written consent from the publisher before submitting an Advertisement that highlights a product or service other than the one accepted. Each Advertising Order will become legally binding only after written confirmation by the publisher.

Publishers must be notified if the Advertising Order must be completed and published by a certain date. Classified advertisements will be published under the relevant category without this required express agreement.

Advertisements that are not recognizable as advertisements due to their design are made as such by the publisher with the word “advertisement” clearly marked.

The publisher reserves the right to reject advertisements and will be rejected if their content violates official laws, their publication is unreasonable for the publisher because of the content, the design, the origin, or technical form, or they are third-party advertisements or contain third party.  

Publication of the Advertisement and the Advertising Orders are binding after submission of the sample and its approval. Advertisements by or for third parties (association advertising) require prior written acceptance by the publisher and entitles the publisher to raise an association surcharge. The rejection of an advertisement or other material shall be communication to the client immediately.

The client is solely responsible for the timely delivery and faultless quality of suitable advertising material. When delivering digital printing material, the client is obligated to provide the correct format and deliver a copy to the publisher in good time before the beginning of the Advertising Order. While the usual pricing should be found on the EAT SMARTER website, the final price should be agreed upon.

Print documents will only be returned on special request to the client. The obligation to retain the copy shall expire six weeks after the first circulation of the Advertisement.

If the publication is not following the Advertising Orders, the customer is entitled to a payment reduction or a substitute advertisement which fixes the problems of the original design. The publisher has the right to refuse a substitute advertisement or substitute publication if (a) this requires an effort, which is in accordance with the content of the obligation and the commandments of good faith in a grossly disproportionate to the interest in the performance of the principle, or (b) it requires disproportionate costs to publish.