Wheat Germ Oil

By Alyssa Morlacci
Updated on 14. Sep. 2020

This ingredient appropriately looks like liquid gold. Wheat germ oil is a true treasure, containing many valuable nutrients while offering an exquisite taste.

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Wheat Germ Oil...

  • ...protects the heart and blood vessels.
    Wheat germ oil is composed of 19 percent saturated fatty acids, 14 percent monounsaturated fatty acids and 67 percent polyunsaturated fatty acids. This combination is great for the heart and circulation, as well as preventing vasoconstriction and illnesses, such as a stroke.
  • ...keeps you young for longer.
    Wheat germ oil is an anti-aging products with heavy vitamin E content. The vitamin has an antioxidant effect and therefore slows down the process of skin maturing.
  • ...also works externally.
    The anti-aging effect of wheat germ oil is also used by the cosmetics industry. But you can also use it at home as a body oil, for example.
  • ...is best cold pressed.
    Wheat germ oil has the most positive effects on health when it comes from cold pressing.High-quality wheat germ oil can be recognized by its yellowish-orange color.
  • ...should not be heated.
    If you heat it, the oil oxidizes and loses its taste and valuable ingredients. So, use it only for salads and other cold dishes.
  • ...quickly becomes rancid.
    When exposed to air and light, wheat germ oil loses its taste and its healthy effect. It should therefore be kept in a well sealed container in a dark place and consumed within two to three months after opening.
  • ...may contain pesticides.
    Although this is rare, conventionally produced wheat germ oil may contain residues of insect venoms. If you value a guaranteed residue-free wheat germ oil, it's best to buy one from organic cultivation.

What You Should Know About Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil is one of the most frequently used ingredients in high-quality cosmetics, but it also offers culinary value. Cold-pressed oil from wheat germ not only tastes wonderful, but it is also beneficial for your health.

Wheat germ oil is usually only available in small bottles of 250 millilitres. This is because it oxidises particularly quickly and should therefore be used as quickly as possible.

The high price is due to the manufacturing process, in which the precious oil is pressed out of the tiny, previously dried wheat germ with a lot of effort. A whole ton of wheat has to be processed for one liter of wheat germ oil to be obtained.


Wheat germ oil is a by-product of wheat flour.


Wheat germ oil is available all year round.


Wheat germ oil tastes pleasantly like grain.

Here you can find all wheat germ oil recipes.

How Healthy Is Wheat Germ Oil?

Wheat germ oil is used especially in anti-aging cosmetics. It contains large amounts of vitamin E, which boosts cell protection and is regarded as an aid against signs of aging because it has an antioxidant effect that intercepts harmful free radicals.

Wheat germ oil offers even more of this effect when it's consumed. Each 100 grams of wheat germ oil contains 150 milligrams vitamin E. This means just one tablespoon (10 grams) of wheat germ oil covers the entire daily requirement of adults.

A particularly big advantage of wheat germ oil — in addition to the omega-3 fatty acids it contains — is its high omega-6 fatty acids content, which have a particularly beneficial effect on the heart and circulation. Omega-6 fatty acids regulate both cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and also promote blood circulation.

With all of its benefits, there is one catch: If you cannot tolerate gluten, you should avoid wheat germ oil.

Nutritional values of wheat germ oil per 100 grams  
Calories 884
Protein 0 grams
Fat 100 grams
Carbohydrates 0 grams
Fiber 0 grams

Shopping and Cooking Tips


Wheat germ oil is available in well-stocked supermarkets, but moreso in organic and health food stores. You should only choose cold pressed wheat germ oil for optimum valuable ingredients.


The fatty acids in wheat germ oil are sensitive to contact with air and light. Store the bottle in a dark and cool place (but not in the refrigerator) and consume the contents as quickly as possible, ideally within about two to three months.

What to Make With Wheat Germ Oil

When heated, wheat germ oil loses a lot of its ingredients, especially the valuable vitamin E. Therefore, use it exclusively for cold dishes, such as on salads or in other sauces.

You can also use wheat germ oil before serving soups or vegetable dishes when they are no longer on the stove.

Knowledge To Go

Wheat germ oil has positive health properties: With a high vitamin E content, it is effective against premature aging and, thanks to the abundance of omega-6 fatty acids, can prevent heart and circulatory diseases. It is important not to heat wheat germ oil, as the vitamin E will evaporate.

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