DIY Almond Milk: A Healthy Indulgence

Updated on 04. Feb. 2021
Make your own Almond Milk!
Make your own Almond Milk!

Almond milk is an excellent alternative to regular milk, especially for people who are lactose-intolerant or those who follow a vegan diet. Unfortunately almond milk is quite expensive at the grocery store. Thankfully EAT SMARTER will show you how easy (and cheap) it is to make almond milk yourself.

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DIY Almond Milk: A Healthy Indulgence

Almonds are extremely rich in nutrients. With their valuable unsaturated fatty acids, trace elements and minerals almonds are among some of the healthiest foods. Besides magnesium, calcium and copper, almonds also contain significant amounts of vitamin B1 and B2 as well as the antioxidant vitamin E. On top of these benefits, almonds are made of up to 1/5th protein, which helps you feel full for longer. These properties can help you lose weight and keep the weight off. Homemade almond milk has all the same properties. Even though the nuts are infused with hot water, the nutrients are not harmed. In the milk form, almond milk can be easily combined with other foods that help the body get even more nutrients such as vitamin C-rich fruit.

DIY Almond Milk: What You Need

For about 1.0 liters/34 oz. of almond milk, you only need a few ingredients:

  • 200 grams of almonds (unpeeled)
  • Water
  • Honey or agave nectar (optional)

In addition, you need the following kitchen appliances:

  • Powerful food processor/blender
  • Fine sieve
  • Cheesecloth or other very fine mesh cloth (available in drugstores)

DIY Almond Milk: Steps

Put the almonds in a bowl and cover them with cold water. The almonds then have to soak for about eight to ten hours. Tip: put them in water before you go to bed, that way they are ready in the morning. The nuts should have soaked up the water overnight. Next, put the almonds in a food processor. Add in 1.0 liter/34 oz. of hot water. Purée the almond-water mixture until there are no more chunks. The last step is to pass the almond milk through the cheesecloth or mesh cloth. Let it drain well and squeeze out all the remaining liquid. Now you have homemade almond milk! If you want the milk to be sweeter, you can simply mix in some honey or agave nectar. The small chunks of almonds that remained in cloth can be used to make almond flour (which is also gluten-free).

DIY Almond Milk: Combination Possibilities

Almond milk is extremely versatile. You can use the milk in your morning cereal with fruit or use it in your coffee. In addition, you can use almond milk instead of regular milk when baking as well. Of course, you can drink it straight from the fridge as well!

Tip: It is just as simple to make other nut milk. Simply pick your favorite nut and follow the above steps.

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