The Benefit Of Grapes

Updated on 27. Dec. 2018
Why are grapes healthy?
Why are grapes healthy?

Sweet and plump, they are on sale now and are waiting to be snacked on. Grapes are not worth assessing not only for their culinary qualities, but also for their health qualities. Grapes have a whole load of good-for-us substances in them, which make them the perfect healthy snack.

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Detox With Grapes

Why are grapes so healthy? Doing a grape detox can do wonders preparing your body for winter. In just a few days, we were able to fill up on all the grapes we needed. The fiber that is found abundantly in their skin strengthens our immune system and cleans our insides. The high potassium content in grapes frees us of excess fluid and regulates our body’s water balance. The acidity in the fruit helps break down waste products. We feel lighter immediately, and in fact, we are lighter too. This is because losing water weight means we are less bloated and lose a couple pounds. If you would like to try the grape detox, eat up to 2 kg / 4.5 lbs. grapes a day and drink plenty of water. This way the grapes can assist you in detoxifying more easily. It is important that the grapes have not been sprayed – the organic variety is the best! Even if you buy organic grapes, it is important that you wash them.

Power of cells and immune system

The two ingredients Resveratrol and OPC (oligomeric procyanidins) create a nearly unbeatable team and make the grapes so healthy. They have a positive effect on blood circulation and thus help prevent cardiovascular disease. The best way to absorb the most OPC is within juices that contain stems. Since red wine or grape juice – not white wine – uses the stems, they contain a lot of OPC. Even though grapes are healthy, they do not contain a lot of vitamin C. They do still support your immune system because of the OPC content. In fact, OPC is said to greatly protect your body against infectious diseases better than vitamin C and E. Vitamin C and E can stimulate OPC even more and help resveratrol by reducing cholesterol levels. Grapes and anything made from grapes (wine, juice, extracts) are among the best fruits to prevent ailments and diseases caused by damage to the body’s cells. You can also slow down the aging process since cell damage by free radicals is mainly the cause of it.

Snacking On Grapes

Grapes are virtually fat free; however, they contain a lot of fructose – the sweeter they taste, the more they have. Fructose can promote you feeling hungry and having food cravings. If you want to lose weight, its best to snack on grapes in moderation. If you don’t want to chew on seeds, you can buy many seedless varieties of grapes. However, it is important to remember that at one third of the valuable resveratrol and OPC is found in the seeds. The color also makes a difference. Red or blue grapes contain significantly more antioxidants than their lighter relatives.

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