How Healthy Is Stevia?

Updated on 27. Dec. 2018
Is Stevis healthy? © Heike Rau -
Is Stevis healthy? © Heike Rau -

Stevia promised to be a revolutionary sugar substitute. Since it first came out, many people have learned to love stevia. The plant-derived product is extremely sweet, has barely any calories and doesn’t even cause cavities; it’s no wonder so many people love it. Additionally, stevia is actually a lot sweeter than sugar. Now the question is, how healthy is Stevia really?

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Some of the enthusiasm about stevia has dwindled. This is because products made with the sweetener are often more expensive and still have other sugar substances. Still, the question remain, is Stevia healthy?

Is Stevia Healthy?

Generally the acceptable daily intake of Stevia is 10 mg per kg of body weight. This recommendation is based on a roughly 20-year-old long-term study of rats. The animals received different doses of steviol glycosides.  The rats that received the highest amount noticeably lost weight. This level of incompatibility was then also applied to people.

Whether Stevia Is Healthy Is Subjective

People who consume a lot of stevia in order to save calories will quickly reach the limit of Stevia they should consumer. Diabetics, calorie-conscious women and children are particularly at risk. Especially parents should be careful not to give their children too many products containing Stevia because this could lead to lasting health problems.

The Flavor Can Be A Problem

Scientists are considering that the recommended intake will be revised at some point. However, this would require further research. And the optimal window for research was missed when Stevia first entered the market. The taste of the sweetener is also a problem. For people who like sugar, Stevia can often taste way too sweet. If there has been more research done into the production of Stevia, this problem could have been solved as well. However, it seems like the Stevia craze has already long passed.

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