Why Covid Might Might Be Behind Your Weight Gain

Updated on 29. Apr. 2020

COVID-19 has affected every life in the nation. Working from home, practicing social distance and limiting contact has been a challenge, and perhaps a byproduct of these restrictions on life has been weight gain.

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Here, EAT SMARTER explores some reasons why weight gain is a reality for many during the coronavirus pandemic, and some helpful tips for combating them in order to stay healthy.

Lack of Exercise

In an effort to stop the spread coronavirus, many gyms and public sport facilities were ordered to close. Now that only essential workers and medical staffs are commuting to work, most of the population does not need to travel into the office. When clocking in means moving from the bed to the home office, movement can become quickly neglected. Not only does a sedentary lifestyle promote weight gain, but a lack of physical activity also negatively affects mental well-being.

Stress Eating

Because we’re all moving less during the corona crisis, the portions on our plates should also be smaller. 

But, the emotional burden of the pandemic tempts many of us to overeat. Stress-induced eating has been a way for many to cope, and often negative feelings are soothed with pizza or ice cream. 

Cardiovascular Diseases

While two or three weeks of inactivity and overeating can be countered relatively easily, enduring an indefinite amount of time comes at a larger cost. Cardiovascular diseases are already the leading cause of death. Not only does smoking, high blood pressure and diabetes contribute to cardiovascular diseases, but so does being overweight, lack of exercise and unhealthy nutrition.

How to Stay Fit During the Pandemic

Physical activity and balanced meals are essential for preventing weight gain during the corona crisis. Though we have less reason to move, we also have more time be be active and prepare healthy meals at home.

Develop a routine that includes daily physical activity. Take a break from sitting by turning your home into a gym or taking a walk outside, of course in a safe way keeping your distance from other people. Even with 5 minutes you can skip rope to quickly get your heart rate up. 

Spending more time at home can be an opportunity to get healthier than before quarantine. Keep moving and practice mindful eating by taking time to cook, eat and enjoy a meal. That way, superfluous pandemic pounds don't stand a chance!

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