Seafood, Fondue Broth and Dips

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Seafood, Fondue Broth and Dips
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Health Score:
9,0 / 10
1 hr 45 min.


For the broth
2 liters fish stock
3 sprigs Lemongrass
2 chili peppers
4 shallots
3 fresh shiitake mushrooms
2 scallions
1 pc Galangal 5 cm (approximately 2 inches)
1 pc ginger 5 cm (approximately 2 inches)
3 Lime leaves
Fish sauce (Finished products from the Asian store)
For the seafood
800 grams fish fillets (as desired, eg. as salmon, cod)
600 grams Cuttlefish
800 grams shrimp (ready to cook)
For the peanut dip
100 grams Peanut butter (health food store)
2 Tbsps sesame oil
1 tsp Red Curry paste (Asian)
400 milliliters Coconut milk (unsweetened)
2 Tbsps Palm sugar
1 tsp salt
2 Tbsps Rice vinegar
1 Tbsp cilantro
For the chilli soy dip
1 chili pepper
3 garlic cloves
200 milliliters soy sauce
For the garlic and cilantro dip
2 chili peppers
3 garlic cloves
3 Tbsps Fish sauce
2 Tbsps Lime juice
1 scallion
1 stem fresh cilantro
1 tsp black Sesame seeds

Preparation steps


For the broth: Rinse the lemongrass and cut into rings. Cut the peppers into thin slices and remove seeds. Peel and dice the shallots. Clean the mushrooms and cut into slices. Peel and slice the galangal and ginger. Rinse and slice the scallions. Bring 500 ml (approximately 2 cups) of water to a boil. Add the lime leaves,the fish stock and all prepared ingredients and simmer for an hour. Season to taste with the fish sauce.


For the seafood: In the meantime, cut the fish fillet and squid into bite size pieces. Mix together with the shrimp and refrigerate.


For the peanut dip: Heat the coconut milk heat and simmer gently with the peanut butter, the oil and the red curry paste for 1 minute. Add the palm sugar, salt and vinegar and simmer over low heat about 15 minutes until the sauce is thick. Add the cilantro and puree everything until fine.


For the chilli soy dip: Rinse the peppers, remove seeds and finely ground in a mortar. Peel the garlic and mash in a mortar to a pulp. Mix the soy sauce with garlic and chilli.


For the garlic and cilantro dip: Crush the peppers in a mortar or cut into thin rings. Peel and chop the garlic. Rinse the scallions and cut into thin rings. Mix the chili, garlic, fish sauce and lime juice. Chop the cilantro finely. Mix into the dip with the scallions. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.


Pour the boiling hot broth in a fondue pot and place on a chafing dish. Serve with the raw fish and sauces.