Roast Goose with Apple Tartlets

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Roast Goose with Apple Tartlets
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7,1 / 10
1 hr 30 min.
ready in 5 h. 30 min.
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For the stuffing
300 grams Toast
50 grams butter
100 grams Walnut
40 grams dried Cranberry
3 eggs
250 milliliters milk
freshly ground peppers
For the roast goose
2 organic Oranges
5 Tbsps honey
1 tsp Christmas Spice mix
1 Goose (3 kg) (approximately 7 pounds)
1 tsp sauce thickener
For the apple tartlets
12 shallots
4 Apple
30 grams butter
2 Tbsps honey
freshly ground peppers
1 roll Puff pastry dough (about 270 grams) (approximately 10 ounces)
butter (for the molds)
flat-leaf parsley (for garnish)
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Preparation steps


For the stuffing: Cut the bread into large cubes. Melt the butter in a nonstick pan and toast the bread for 2-3 minutes. Transfer to a mixing bowl. Coarsely chop the nuts and toast in a dry frying pan. Coarsely chop the cranberries. Beat the eggs with the milk and season with salt and pepper. Pour over the toasted bread and then mix in the cranberries and nuts.


For the roast goose: Rinse 1 orange under hot water, pat dry, finely grate the zest and mix with the honey and spice mix. Squeeze in the juice from both of the oranges and set aside.


Preheat the oven to 160°C (approximately 325°F) convection.


Rinse the goose, pat dry and season with salt and pepper. Place on a wire rack set inside of a roasting pan. Fill with the stuffing and secure the opening with toothpicks. Truss with butcher's twine and roast for about 2 hours 30 minutes. Reduce the heat to 200°C (approximately 400°F) and roast for another hour. Brush with the honey-orange mixture around 15 minutes before the end of the cooking time. 


Meanwhile, for the apple tartlets: Peel the shallots and apples. Core the apples and slice. Cut each shallot in half lengthwise. Melt the butter in a pan and sauté the shallots and apple slices for 5-7 minutes, until golden brown on all sides. Add the honey and let caramelize slightly. Season with salt and pepper.


Cut the puff pastry into 6 (10 cm) (approximately 4-inch) discs. Grease 6 tartlet pans and line with the puff pastry. Prick the bases several times with a fork and then fill with the shallot and apple mixture. 


Remove the goose from the oven, cover with foil and let rest for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, bake the tartlets on a baking sheet at 200°C (approximately 400°F) for about 15 minutes. Strain the goose drippings into a clean saucepan and remove the fat. Bring to a boil and thicken with a cornstarch slurry. Season the sauce with salt, pepper and orange juice, if desired. Arrange the stuffed goose and tartlets on a serving platter. Garnish with parsley and the pan sauce.