Polish-style Stuffed Veal

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Polish-style Stuffed Veal
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4 h.

Nutritional values

1 serving contains
(Percentage of daily recommendation)
Calorie831 kcal(40 %)
Protein83.35 g(85 %)
Fat41.65 g(36 %)
Carbohydrates18.53 g(12 %)
Sugar added0.41 g(2 %)
Roughage2.58 g(9 %)
Vitamin A361.28 mg(45,160 %)
Vitamin D0.74 μg(4 %)
Vitamin E1.31 mg(11 %)
Vitamin B₁0.25 mg(25 %)
Vitamin B₂1 mg(91 %)
Niacin37.28 mg(311 %)
Vitamin B₆0.96 mg(69 %)
Folate78.58 μg(26 %)
Pantothenic acid3.24 mg(54 %)
Biotin4.07 μg(9 %)
Vitamin B₁₂4.43 μg(148 %)
Vitamin C12.68 mg(13 %)
Potassium1,052.32 mg(26 %)
Calcium103.35 mg(10 %)
Magnesium80.09 mg(27 %)
Iron3.71 mg(25 %)
Iodine16.56 μg(8 %)
Zinc11.51 mg(144 %)
Saturated fatty acids17.8 g
Cholesterol359.74 mg


2 cloves garlic
1 piece freshly grated ginger (approx. 4 cm)
1 cup Veal sausage
2 tablespoons cream
1 generous pinch grated, untreated Lemon peel
2 tablespoons chopped parsley
½ small Leek
1 carrot
1 piece Celeriac
1 cup stale white bread
cup milk
1 egg
freshly ground peppers
grated Nutmeg
4 small onions
3 tablespoons butter
53 ounces Veal breast (ask the butcher to cut a pocket in it for stuffing)
1 teaspoon powdered sugar
1 cup Red wine
1 teaspoon tomato puree
2 cups poultry stock
1 bay leaf
How healthy are the main ingredients?
white breadgingergarlicparsleyLeekcarrot
Product recommendation
Serve with Polish noodles and red cabbage salad.

Preparation steps

For the stuffing, peel the garlic and finely dice one clove. Peel the ginger, cut off one slice and set aside. Finely grate the rest. Mix the garlic and ginger with the veal sausagemeat, cream, lemon peel and 1 tbsp parsley. Trim, wash and finely dice the leek. Peel and finely dice 1 carrot and the celeriac. Blanch the diced vegetables in salted water for 1 minute, refresh in cold water and drain well. Pat dry with paper towel and mix into the stuffing. Cut the bread into 1/2 cm cubes. Put the milk into a pan, bring to the boil and remove from the heat. Whisk the egg and stir into the warm (but no longer boiling) milk. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Pour over the diced bread, cover and leave to stand for 5-10 minutes. Peel and finely dice 1 onion. Heat the butter and sweat the onion over a low heat until translucent. Mix with the bread, along with the parsley, then leave to cool completely and mix with the sausagemeat stuffing.
Rinse the veal breast, pat dry and season inside with salt and pepper. Stuff the pocket (not too firmly) with the stuffing mixture. Close the open side with a long skewer or tie with kitchen string.
Preheat the oven to 150°C with top and bottom heat. Sprinkle a large roasting dish with icing sugar and melt at a medium heat until golden. Deglaze with a little red wine. Add the tomato puree and cook until reduced to a syrupy consistency. Gradually add the rest of the red wine and simmer until reduced. Stir in the stock and add the stuffed veal breast. Cook in the preheated oven for 3 - 3.5 hours, basting frequently with the liquid.
Approximately 15 minutes before the end of cooking time, add the bay leaf, the remaining clove of garlic (halved) and the slice of ginger.
Take the veal breast out of the roasting dish. Strain the gravy and season with salt and pepper. Add 1-2 tbsp butter in small pieces. Remove the spices. Serve the veal breast in slices with the gravy.