Marzipan Cake Roll with Lemon Filling

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Marzipan Cake Roll with Lemon Filling
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1 hr


For the batter
100 grams
3 tablespoons
hot Water
50 grams
50 grams
1 teaspoon
For the filling and for decorating
300 grams
300 grams
400 grams
6 tablespoons
Mint leaf (for garnish)

Preparation steps


For the batter, separate eggs. Mix egg whites and half of sugar until stiff. Mix egg yolks, remaining sugar and hot water until creamy and pour into greased pan. Sift flour, cornstarch and baking powder into yolk mixture. Carefully fold beaten egg whites into flour mixture. Spread batter on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake in preheated oven at 200°C (fan: 180°C, gas stage 5) (approximately 400°F), about 12-15 minutes. Remove from oven and invert on a dishcloth sprinkled with sugar. 


Remove parchment paper from cake. Trim brown edges, if needed. For the filling and for decorating, gently spread jam over sponge cake in an even layer. Roll cake from long side into a cylinder. Place with seam side down and let cool completely. Drain apricots and pat dry with paper towels. Mix marzipan with 200 g (approximately 1 cup) powdered sugar and knead well, then roll out in a thin layer between sheets of plastic wrap. Cut cake roll into 14 slices.


Cut a circular paper pattern to match size of cake roll slices. Using pattern, cut out 28 marzipan circles. Carefully place each cake roll slice on marzipan circle and top with a second marzipan circle. Lightly press together. Mix remaining powdered sugar and lemon juice into a thick icing. Brush icing over cake roll slices. Let icing dry and top each cake roll with 1 apricot half. Garnish with mint. To serve, arrange on a plate.