Lobster with Cocktail Sauce

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Lobster with Cocktail Sauce
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1 hr


For the lobster
4 live lobsters (about 500 grams or 1 pound each)
For the cooking liquid
4 onions
250 grams carrots
1 bunch Dill
1 lemon
12 peppercorns
2 bay leaves
1 Tbsp Caraway
10 tsps salt
½ l white wine
For the dressing (all at room temperature)
2 egg yolks
2 centiliters Cognac
4 Tbsps Ketchup
2 tsps Horseradish cream (from a jar)
2 Tbsps Sherry vinegar
3 Tbsps Crème fraiche
150 milliliters Corn oil
freshly ground peppers
Dill (for garnish)
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Preparation steps


For the cooking liquid, peel the onions and cut into quarters. Peel the carrots and slice.


Rinse the dill and shake dry. Cut the lemon into slices. Boil 5 liters (approximately 1 gallon) of water in 2 large pots. Add the prepared ingredients to the pots along with the spices, bring to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for about 30 minutes.


In the meantime for the cocktail sauce, stir together the yolk, cognac, ketchup, horseradish, vinegar and creme fraiche. Gradually pour in the oil while stirring and continue beating until a creamy sauce is formed. Season to taste. Pour half of the wine into each pot and bring to a boil. Carefully place each lobster back-down and claws-up into the broth. Immediately cover and bring to a boil. After 2 minutes, turn off the heat. Leave the lobster in the hot cooking liquid for about 10 minutes.


Remove the lobsters from the pot and drain. Repeat the process with the remaining lobsters. Halve each lobster by cutting along the back. Crack open the claws with a large knife. Remove the meat from the shells and claws. Serve with the cocktail sauce and garnish with dill.


Remove lobsters, discourage short. Repeat with the other two lobsters as well. Halve lobsters from the back along, crack open scissors with a large knife. Take the meat out of the shells and scissors. Serve with the cocktail sauce and serve garnished with dill.