Lime Cream Pie

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Lime Cream Pie
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4,3 / 10
2 h. 45 min.


For the crust
1 prepared Round cake (for splitting) (24 cm or 9 inch diameter and 1.5 cm or 1/2 inch high)
For soaking
2 centiliters Lemon liqueur
1 centiliter Sugar syrup
For the cream
80 milliliters Lime juice
200 grams sugar
400 milliliters Champagne
4 egg yolks
½ Lime (zested)
12 sheets clear gelatin
600 milliliters Whipped cream
For the pistachio brittle
50 grams powdered sugar
50 grams chopped Pistachio
For the garnish
125 milliliters Whipped cream
1 tsp sugar
1 Tbsp sugar (for sprinkling)
Lemon balm
How healthy are the main ingredients?
Whipped creamsugarWhipped creamPistachiosugarsugar

Preparation steps


Place the tart crust in a cake ring. Mix the liqueur with the syrup and soak the tart crust with the mixture. For the cream, pour the lime juice and sugar in a saucepan and heat slightly. Add the champagne, egg yolks and the lemon zest and mix well. Heat until just before the boiling point, stirring constantly so that the yolks thicken slightly but do not clot.

Remove from the heat. Soak the gelatin in cold water for 10 minutes, then drain well and dissolve in the cream, then let cool slightly. Whip the cream. With a whisk, gently fold into the cream as soon as it begins to set. Pour the cream into the prepared tart shell, smooth and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.


For the  pistachio brittle, melt the powdered sugar in a saucepan to make a light caramel. Stir in the pistachios, then spread out on an oiled work surface thinly. Allow to cool fully, then break into very small pieces.


Remove the cake ring and sprinkle the bottom third of the cake with the brittle. Whip the cream with the sugar until stiff and pour into a piping bag with a round tip. For the garnish, pipe 16 cream rosettes. Cut the lime slices into quarters. Coat in sugar and place on top of the cream rosettes. Sprinkle the surface of the pie with sugar and garnish as desired with slices of lime and lemon balm leaves. Slice and serve.