Fruity Stuffed Roast Goose with Apples and Prunes

Fruity Stuffed Roast Goose with Apples and Prunes
1 hr 10 min.
3 h. 20 min.
Ready in


for 6 servings
1 kitchen-ready Goose
freshly ground pepper
Filling and garnish:
400 grams Prune
400 milliliters Cider
4 sour Apples (200g)
100 grams Shallots
400 grams grapes
100 grams streaky Bacon
2 tablespoons Butter
100 grams ground almonds
1 liter Broth
100 milliliters Cream
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Preparation steps

Step 1/6

Rinse the goose inside and out and remove the excess fat. Pat dry and rub inside and out with salt and pepper.

Step 2/6

For the filling and garnish: Soak the prunes in cider. Peel, core and cut into pieces three apples. Peel the shallots and chop finely. Rinse the grapes and cut half of them in half. Cut the bacon into small cubes. Pluck the leaves from 4 thyme and marjoram sprigs. Cut half of the prunes into chunks, saving the liquid for later. Heat the butter and sauté the prunes pieces, apples, onions, halved grapes, bacon, thyme and marjoram leaves. Add the ground almonds and cook briefly. Season to taste.

Step 3/6

Stuff the goose witht the fruit mixture. Secure the openings with small wooden skewers. Tie the remaining thyme and marjoram sprigs together with kitchen twine. 

Step 4/6

Lay the goose and herb bouquet in a roasting pan. Pour the broth into the pan and cover. Preheat oven to the highest level and cook the stuffed goose for 30 minutes. Lower oven temperature to 180°C (approximately 350°F) and continue cooking for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Step 5/6

Remove the goose from the roasting pan and place breast side up on a rack over a drip pan. If needed, slice the legs to allow fat to be released. Place remaining prunes, grapes and apple pieces into the drip pan and roast at 220°C (approximately 425°F) for about 20 minutes or until crispy.

Step 6/6

Remove the fruit, pour meat juices through a sieve and skim off the fat. Add the reserved liquid from the prunes and cream into the meat juices. Boil the gravy until thickened and season to taste. Sprinkle the goose with chopped parsley.