Fried Pollock with Artichokes and Sage 

Fried Pollock with Artichokes and Sage
341 kcal


Preparation:20 min
Ready in:20 min
1 serving contains (Percentage of daily recommendation)
Calories341 kcal(17%)
Protein45 g(90%)
Fat12 g(15%)
Carbohydrates12 g(5%)
Added Sugar0 g(0%)
Roughage3 g(10%)

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For servings

700 gramsPollock
1 jarArtichoke hearts
100 gramsOlives (pitted)
2 tablespoonsOlive oil
5Sage leaf
100 millilitersFish stock
1 gramdried italian Fresh herbs (or 400 grams canned)
½ bunchesParsley
Cayenne pepper
Balsamic vinegar


1 Rinse the pollock fillet, pat dry and cut into pieces.
2 Drain the artichoke hearts and olives, and leave to drain.
3 Rinse the tomatoes, remove stalks and chop.
4 Rinse the parsley, shake dry and chop coarsely.
5 Heat olive oil and sage leaves in a pan. Add the pollock fillet pieces and fry. Add the artichokes and saute briefly. Pour the fish stock and braise for about 5 minutes over low heat. 
6 Add the tomatoes, olives, dried herbs and parsley to the pollock, and cook until tender for about 5 minutes. Season with salt, cayenne pepper and a little balsamic vinegar.
7 Serve with a wild rice as desired.


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