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Creamy Christmas Goose Soup with Dumplings

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Creamy Christmas Goose Soup with Dumplings
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Goose probably does not belong to the dietary food, because the animal is relatively rich in fat. However, at Christmas it may be a little more opulent. Goose meat also provides minerals such as iron for healthy blood formation and magnesium for relaxed nerves and muscles.

Instead of the dumpling bread you can also use stale wholemeal rolls. This adds extra fibre to the soup and allows you to use leftover food sensibly.


For the soup
1 bunch Soup vegetables (such as carrot, leek, parsnip or other aromatic vegetables such as celery or onion)
500 grams Goose giblets (giblets, wings and neck from one goose)
3 peppercorns
2 Tbsps butter
2 Tbsps Pastry flour
250 milliliters Whipped cream
freshly ground peppers
freshly grated Nutmeg
½ yellow Bell pepper
½ orange Bell pepper
½ bunch parsley
For the dumplings
200 grams bread dumpling
100 milliliters warm milk
20 grams soft butter
1 egg
1 egg yolk
How healthy are the main ingredients?
Whipped creamparsleysaltNutmegegg

Preparation steps


Rinse soup vegetables, peel and trim as necessary and chop coarsely. Rinse goose giblets and parts. Place vegetables, goose giblets and parts, 2 teaspoons salt and peppercorns in 1 liter (approximately 1 quart) cold water, bring to boil and simmer over medium heat about 1 hour. Skim foam and strain broth.


In a large saucepan, heat butter and sprinkle in flour, stirring constantly. Pour broth and cream into butter and flour, stirring constantly. Reduce heat and and allow to simmer gently about 10 minutes.


Rinse bell pepper halves, remove seeds and ribs and dice. Add diced bell peppers to soup and season with grated nutmeg, salt, pepper and chopped parsley.


For the dumpling dough, soak croutons in milk about 20 minutes. Beat butter until fluffy. Beat egg and egg yolk into butter.  Knead crouton mixture into butter mixture, season with salt, pepper and nutmeg and let cool about 30 minutes. With wet hands, shape dough into dumplings and boil 10-15 minutes in hot salted water. Serve soup with dumplings in soup plates.