Cream Cheese and Apricot Pie

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Cream Cheese and Apricot Pie
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30 min.
ready in 2 h. 30 min.
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For the base
400 grams
100 grams butter
For covering
2 fresh lemons (juice)
2 tablespoons sugar
1 packet gelatin (Lemon flavor)
200 grams Double cream cheese (60-75% fat)
50 grams powdered sugar
1 packet Vanilla sugar
500 grams ripe Apricot
250 milliliters Whipped cream (at least 30% fat content)
For the topping
1 packet Pie glaze (clear)
250 milliliters Fruit juice
1 tablespoon sugar
For garnish
mint (for garnish)
How healthy are the main ingredients?
ApricotWhipped creamsugarsugarlemonmint

Preparation steps


For the base, put half of the biscuits into a freezer bag, crumble with a rolling pin, then mix with the melted butter. Pour the crumbs into a springform pan lined with parchment paper, spread evenly and refrigerate. 

For the topping, mix 200ml (approximately 6 ounces) of water, 2 tablespoons of sugar and the lemon juice into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Mix the jello powder into 30ml (approximately 1oz) of cold water, then add to the boiling liquid and boil briefly.


Remove the saucepan from heat and let it cool. In the meantime, mix the cream cheese with the powdered sugar and vanilla sugar. Stir the warm jello into the cream cheese one spoonful at a time. Allow to cool until it begins to gel, about 20 minutes. Rinse the apricots, dry and remove pits, then finely dice three of them. Cut the remaining half into wedges. Whip the cream and mix into the cheese mixture with the diced apricots.


To assemble, smooth the finished cream over the biscuit base, then cover with the apricot wedges and allow to rest for one hour. Boil the glaze with the fruit juice and sugar according to package directions. Let cool slightly, then spread over the fruit and decorate with the remaining biscuits. Garnish with mint and serve well-chilled.