Recipes with Green Asparagus

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Spring means it's finally asparagus season again! We are particularly fond of the green version of this popular vegetable because green asparagus is beautifully aromatic and really versatile. Whether for tarts, soups or salads - our recipes with green asparagus will definitely convince you to eat some today.

Healthy and tasty: Recipes with green asparagus

With only 18 kilocalories per 3.5 ounces, green asparagus is a real slimming vegetable - and also provides plenty of folic acid. That alone would be reason enough to try our delicious recipes with green asparagus. In addition, this popular pole vegetable is also really aromatic. How about a tasty Green and white cream of asparagus soup or the deliciously fresh Asparagus and lemon pasta with feta?

How do I recognize freshness?

When buying green asparagus, you should make sure that the stalks look really green and not brownish. It is also better to forgo stalks with dry or even moldy cuttings. If you take this into account, then nothing stands in the way of enjoying our delicious recipes with green asparagus!

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