Hearty Stews

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Soul-satisfying and chill-defying, stews are what’s for dinner now.

When the temperature dips, that’s your cue to make a steaming pot of stew. Besides being packed with flavor, these budget-friendly, one-pot meals are also a boon to the home cook. Here are just some of the many stews on EAT SMARTER, each one guaranteed to provide cold-weather comfort. Practically every culture has its own favorite, including Portuguese kale stew, Irish stew and Brazilian Fish Stew. It’s also easy to create new classics, such as a chicken stew with a creamy cucumber-mustard sauce and a spicy vegetable stew with calamari. Hearty doesn’t have to mean meat-rich, either; you can make vegetarian stews that are just as satisfying by using kidney beans and potatoes or lentils and tofu to give them heft. Basically, there’s a stew to please every palate and warm every heart.

Ingredients from A - Z