Christmas Recipe Collection

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Christmas is coming closer again and with it the question: What should be cooked for the feast? So that this question no longer remains unanswered, we have compiled the best Christmas recipes for you in our cookbook.

Christmas recipes for every taste

The times when it is quite natural to have a stuffed goose is served at Christmas are over - but of course we also have this classic in our luggage. But that's not all: vegetarians, vegans and fans of meat or fish will certainly find what they're looking for in our Christmas cookbook: How about our aromatic Spiced cauliflower roastclassy Venison goulash with chocolate and baked carrots or tender Carp with pomegranate and lemon-honey sauce? All recipes are convincing with their good taste and fresh, vital ingredients - our Christmas recipes make feasting with a clear conscience quite simply possible!

Christmas recipes to prepare

Not everyone has the time to stand in the kitchen for a long time on the holidays - how good it is that many Christmas recipes are also perfect for preparation. This is how you can prepare the creamy Beetroot soup with coconut, pear and cinnamon the day before and then just have to warm them up for the feast, the Christmas Eve classic Potato Salad tastes just as good after a day of pulling it off. These and many other delicious Christmas recipes can be prepared without any stress - for a relaxed and contemplative Christmas.

Ingredients from A - Z