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Braised Rabbit Legs with Rosemary Potatoes

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Braised Rabbit Legs with Rosemary Potatoes
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For all those who like to enjoy good food with a low fat content, rabbit meat is literally a "found food". Together with the rosemary potatoes, valuable essential oils also come into play: rosemary is brimming with essential oils such as oleum rosemary in particular. In addition, the needles contain lots of tannins and bitter substances. All together, rosemary gives rosemary its intensely aromatic and slightly bitter taste and its health benefits.

The taste of rabbit meat is more reminiscent of chicken than rabbit. Wild rabbit tastes more intense and spicy. Fresh rabbit meat is available from specialist retailers all year round. Rabbits in pieces are also often offered deep-frozen.


For the rabbit legs
250 grams shallots
4 Rabbit leg
freshly ground peppers
2 Tbsps olive oil
2 garlic cloves
3 Tbsps thyme
400 milliliters Broth (Instant)
For the rosemary potatoes
750 grams potatoes
2 tsps rosemary
rosemary (for garnishing)
4 Tbsps olive oil
How healthy are the main ingredients?
potatoshallotolive oilolive oilthymerosemary

Preparation steps


For the rabbit legs: peel and halve shallots. Peel garlic and chop finely. Season rabbit legs with salt and pepper. Heat oil in a roasting pan and sear meat on all sides. Add shallots and saute for a few minutes, add garlic and thyme, mix well. Add broth and simmer, covered, for about 40 minutes on low heat. Season to taste and thicken sauce with cornstarch mixed with a little cold water, if desired.


For the rosemary potatoes: while meat cooks, peel potatoes and cut into uniform wedges. Pat dry and season with salt and pepper, mix with chopped rosemary. Grease baking sheet with olive oil, spread with potato wedges and roast in preheated oven at 220°C (approximately 425°F) for about 10-15 minutes, turning once. Garnish with rosemary sprigs and serve with rabbit.