Beef Roulades with Red Cabbage

Beef Roulades with Red Cabbage
2 h.


for 4 servings
For the roulades
4 slices Beef roulade (each about 180 grams)
freshly ground Pepper
8 small Pickled cucumbers
1 tablespoon Mustard
8 slices Bacon
1 tablespoon Pastry flour
2 tablespoons Clarified butter
1 tablespoon Tomato paste
1 tablespoon ground paprika (sweet)
½ liter Beef broth
2 tablespoons cold Butter
For the red cabbage
1 small Red cabbage
1 Onion
2 tablespoons Lard
100 milliliters White vinegar
1 pinch Sugar
½ teaspoon ground Cloves
In addition
1 package Spaetzle (for 4 people)
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Preparation steps

Step 1/4

For the roulades: flatten meat, if necessary, and season with a little salt and pepper, spread with mustard. Slice pickles lengthwise and spread bacon and pickles on top of meat. Roll up and secure with toothpicks. Coat with flour. Heat butter in a Dutch oven and brown roulades on all sides. Add tomato paste and paprika, cook briefly. Add broth and and simmer, covered, for about 75 minutes.  

Step 2/4

For the red cabbage: rinse cabbage and cut out hard stalk, cut into fine strips, Peel and finely dice onion. Heat lard in a pan and saute cabbage and onion until soft. Add vinegar and 100 ml (approximately 2/5 cup) of water, season with spices. Simmer for about 40-50 minutes. 

Step 3/4

Cook spaetzle according to package instructions. 

Step 4/4

Remove rolls from the pot and keep warm. Strain sauce through a sieve into a saucepan and reduce to approximately 300 ml (approximately 1 1/4 cup), add butter cut into pieces adn whisk well,  season with salt and pepper. Return roulades to the pot and heat through. Arrange roulades, red cabbage and spaetzle on plates, drizzle with sauce and serve.