Avocado, Quark and Melon Cake Sandwiches

Recipe author: EAT SMARTER
Avocado, Quark and Melon Cake Sandwiches
1 hr
1 hr 30 min.
Ready in


for 8 servings
½ cup
1 tablespoon
1 packet
Orange juice (juiced)
lemon (juice)
1 piece
Watermelon (about 300 g, flesh without seeds)
For the sponge base
¾ cup
1 packet
1 cup
¾ cup
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Preparation steps

Step 1/14
For the sponge base measure out all the ingredients in advance.
Step 2/14
Grease the base of the springform pan (26 cm).
Step 3/14
Beat the egg yolks with half the sugar and the vanilla sugar until thick and creamy.
Step 4/14
Whisk the egg whites, trickling in the rest of the sugar before it becomes too stiff, then continue whisking until completely stiff.
Step 5/14
Fold the beaten egg whites into the egg yolk mixture with a spoon
Step 6/14
Sieve the flour and cornflour on to the egg mixture and fold in.
Step 7/14
Turn the mixture into the prepared springform pan, smooth the top and bake in a preheated oven (175°, middle shelf) for 25-30 minutes. (Test for readiness by inserting a needle)
Step 8/14
When it is cooked, take the sponge base out of the oven, cool slightly and carefully loosen from the edge of the springform pan using a thin knife. Turn out on to a cake rack to cool and leave to rest for at least 2 hours. Then split twice (making three layers).
Step 9/14
Mix the quark with the sugar, vanilla sugar, 2 tbsp orange juice and about 1 tbsp lemon juice. Whip the cream stiffly and fold in.
Step 10/14
Peel the avocado, remove the stone and slice thinly. Sprinkle with lemon juice at once.
Step 11/14
Cut the watermelon flesh into thin triangular slices.
Step 12/14
Divide each layer of sponge into 2 strips of about 6 x 16 cm. (use the leftover sponge for another purpose). Cut each strip in half and then diagonally into triangles. Sprinkle all but 8 sponge triangles on one side with a little orange juice. Spread a little quark cream on the unsprinkled triangles, top with avocado and cover with sprinkled triangles. Spread with more quark cream and top with watermelon.
Step 13/14
Place the remaining triangles, sprinkled side down, on top of the watermelon. Press down lightly.
Step 14/14
Garnish the sandwiches with lemon balm and dust with icing sugar.