Low-Calorie Foods That Keep You Feeling Full For A Long Time

Updated on 27. Dec. 2018
Low-Calorie Filling Foods
Low-Calorie Filling Foods

The best way to stay slim is to avoid food cravings. And the best way to do this is by eating low calorie foods that keep you feeling full for a long time. EAT SMARTER gives you the healthiest of these foods.

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Which foods keep you satisfied for a long time? This is a question that scientist, Jennifer Blundell at the University of Sydney has attempted to answer. She gave her students different low-calorie foods in portions of 240 calories. After about 15 minutes she asked how satisfying these foods were. As a benchmark, she took white bread. From the results they identified the saturation index (white bread got the value 100). The hunger-saturation mechanism in our body is affected by factors such as blood sugar levels, stomach stretch stimuli and mediators. For a lean diet, it is therefore recommended to eat a lot of low-calorie foods that keep blood sugar levels low or give the stomach a certain feeling of fullness, without providing unnecessary calories. EAT SMARTER will give you some of the best foods to do this and explain why they are so great.

Low-Calorie Foods: Potatoes (Index 323)

Potatoes are the most filling food you could eat. Throughout testing, potatoes did the best, way better than whole wheat pasta or rice. No other foods achieved better values. Especially effective was it when potatoes were allowed to cool after cooking. When doing this, the so-called “resistant starch” was created. This can be difficult for the body to split. Therefore glucose molecules move more slowly into the bloodstream and secrete less insulin. This effectively keeps the food cravings away.

Low-Calorie Foods: Oatmeal (Index 225)

Before there was insulin to control blood sugar levels, people used oatmeal. Oatmeal not only keeps blood sugar levels stable, but it also has another advantage. It’s high-quality proteins and large number of fiber ensures that you will feel satisfied for a long time. Especially for the afternoon, oatmeal would be a great snack.

Low-Calorie Foods: Oranges (Index 202) and Apples (197)

Oranges and apples have about the same saturation index. The reason: Both foods have a lot of pectin. Pectin is a special fiber, which can keep blood sugar stable. In addition, the fruit also supplies many important vitamins.

Low-Calorie Foods: Beans And Lentils

Beans are low-calorie sources of protein and an ideal way to prevent the loss of muscle mass. Besides this, beans also provide the body with important proteins and fiber. The biggest advantage of beans and lentils is they contain virtually no fat.

Low-Calorie Foods: Beef Steak (Index 176)

Every now and then a steak can be good for the diet. The proteins from the meat are important for the development of muscles. In order to save calories, the steak should be from a lean cut.

In comparison to these foods, sweets and conventional snacks did extremely poorly on the saturation index. Ice cream came in at 96, potato chips at 91 and chocolate bars at only 70.

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