Smarter Dieting
You have seen and heard all the pitches but how do you know what weight-loss program is right for you?
How do you keep up with your diet? Are cheat days a good idea? Or are they a quagmire that will halt your progress and suck you into their vortex of empty calorie consumption?
Are you slowly gaining weight? Then it's time to pull the emergency brake. Simply add a day of weight loss a week with the one-day diet. EAT SMARTER presents the ten best ideas for a one-day diet here. This article gives you 10 options for a quick & easy 1-Day Diet! Find out how to drop pounds FAST.
What are superfoods? Can they help you lose weight? We will help you navigate these questions throughout the course of this article.
Our new EAT SMARTER nutrition plan will help you loose that...
Diet trends are continuously coming and going as our society seems to be more and more concerned with their outer appearance and look for the next quick fix. But, these quick fix diets are not only unhealthy, they can be dangerous.
There’s a lot of speculation as to whether alcohol derails your weight loss goals or not. Find out the truth...
Weight loss maintenance requires as much if not more vigilance as the weight loss process. Learn why...
What exactly does a high-protein diet entail, and is it an effective way to lose weight?
A growing trend in the health and weight loss circles, juice cleanses have been steadily gaining popularity.
Your friends are all doing it and they are looking better than ever, but there might be a few things you want to consider before starting the detox diet.
Losing weight can be a lot of work, and even more so if your work and personal schedules do not leave a lot of extra time.
Food portions have been growing for years and years, to the point where one meal, especially at restaurants, can account for a whole day’s worth of calories.
EAT SMARTER will give you the best portion sizes!
EAT SMARTER reveals the Top 9 fat burning foods
It’s promise sounds incredible. Lose 2 clothing sizes in just six weeks, all without starving. EAT SMARTER looks at the shred diet for accuracy. EAT SMARTER takes a closer look at the shred diet.